Monday, February 28, 2011

Current Lemmings

Lemming: An item or object (usually pertaining to beauty) that a person wants intensely or is obsessively interested in obtaining.

In no particular order...

1. MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre - I think that Ripe Peach would really suit my skin tone. Plus, I have all of the other Blush Ombres (even 2 Vintage Grape) and it would be nice to complete the collection.
2. Sleek blushes & i-Divine palettes - I currently have all of the permanent palettes and a fair few limited edition palettes. But I want them ALL, especially Bohemian. And, I only have one blush in Sahara.
3. Beaute Cosmetics Liquid-Gel Stains
4. Colored mascaras that actually show up - Although I know that colored mascaras show up on dark lashes when they're layered over white mascaras, I still wish that they would show up on their own. I have Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascaras in every color (except for Purple Haze, because it was sold out) and the color shows up, but they don't do anything in the lengthening department. So, I'm a little underwhelmed. I guess that I'm just hard to please. LOL!
5. MAC PRO color Sour Lemon - I saw the picture below online a few months back & instantly became obsessed with recreating it (sad, I know). I've gotten everything (mostly through swaps on MuA) EXCEPT for Sour Lemon. I saved the picture & put a star on the shadows as I received them.

Feel free to tell me what you're lemming!


  1. I need some new shadows for summer - i love these brights!

  2. If asked, I would recommend Bright Sunshine. Because, it has a bit if a shimmer/sheen & that's not very common in yellows. Plus, yellow is a universally flattering color. Depending on what color(s) you pair it with, of coarse.

  3. i really want a colour changing nail varnish i've seen them on other peoples blogs but i don't think they're sold in the uk :(

  4. Hi Lovely! those mac is expensive, isnt it? but great colors! If you have time please come check out my beauty blog. I followed you btw. Great Blog!
    I just worked on mine, I'm a newbie. I completed it a few days ago please follow me for updates. Thank you!
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    Take care and have a Lovely day!


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