Please feel free to let me know if there are any
swatches/comparisons that you would like to see.

Ben Nye Peacock Grande Colour vs MAC Steamy: When swapped for Ben Nye's Grande Colour in Peacock, as soon as I opened it, it immediately reminded me of MAC's Steamy. So I decided to swatch them. Low & behold, they are VERY similar. Steamy is greener, frostier & more pigmented (dry), but still, as you can see they are quite close. I suspect that if you mix a tiny bit of MAC's Tilt to Steamy, you would get Peacock. I suggest that if you already have one, you shouldn't waste your time and/or money on the other & if you don't have either, get Peacock. Because it's bigger (2.7g to MAC's 1.5g), you can use it wet (without ruining it) or dry and it's only $9 compared to $15 ($12 for a PRO pan).

MAC Bitter vs L'Oreal Riotous HiP DuoRiotous is more muted, slightly less pigmented & has a frosty finish as opposed to Bitter's velvet finish. I'm confident that MAC's Sweet & Punchy is closer to Riotous, but I'll have to check.
L'Oreal Retro HiP Duo (LE) vs MAC Deep Truth: As you can see these are exact dupes in color & finish, which is amazing. Can you even tell which one is which? Retro is on the left & Deep Truth is right. But I would not have been able to guess that. The only difference between the two is that Deep Truth is a bit easier to blend. That should be expected, though. You get what you pay for. You're paying $15 USD for 1 shadow as apposed to $7.99 USD for 2. If you like Deep truth & ever come across Retro, grab it!

MAC Aquadisiac vs NYX Jade: The differences between these two are not major. Jade is a little softer, slightly greener (though you can't tell from the picture) & a bit less pigmented. Which isn't always a bad thing. I give it high marks considering the price. I swapped for Jade, but it ranges in price from $1 to $5.50 (I think).

MAC Blue Calm (PRO) vs MAC Freshwater: Obviously these are VERY similar. Blue Calm is just slightly deeper & a bit more pigmented. I think that Freshwater is better suited for the fairer people out there. In my opinion, if you have one, you definitely don't need the other.

MAC Sensualize (LE) vs Twinks: In person these two are almost identical. The only difference is that Twinks is a tad darker/warmer & Sensualize has silver glitters (which are quite easily swiped away). So IMO, if you have one, there is absolutely no need for the other.

L'Oreal Showy HiP Duo vs MAC Parrot (LE): These actually look more alike in person. I think that it's just the angle at which I tilted my finger that picked up more green in Parrot. Which is a wee bit frostier & limited edition. So if you missed out on Parrot when the 2007 "Originals" collection came out, go pick up Showy.

NYX Redhead vs MAC Passionate: I heard that Redhead was a dupe for Passionate, but it's obviously not. I don't have MAC's Louder, Please from 2010's "Dare to Wear" collection, but as far as I can tell from pictures, Redhead looks almost identical.

Prestige Golden Retriever vs MAC Goldmine vs CoverGirl Caramel Kiss (from the Coffee Shop quad): I only compared these 3 because I read that they were dupes & I wanted to show everyone that they are SO not. Please don't bother to buy either the Coffee Shop quad or Golden Retriever if you are looking for a Goldmine dupe. I think that Golden Retriever might be closer to MAC's Amber Lights (I'll do swatches later). I've been buying Coffee Shop since I was around 11. It has great colors & is very affordable. I recommend buying it to anyone who enjoys wearing browns/coppers/golds.

Milani Taffy & Illousion vs Prestige Love vs MAC SwishAgain, I only compared these because I've read that they are supposedly dupes. Well, although they're frosty pinks, they are NOT dupes. I haven't checked yet, but I'm confident that MAC's Sushi Flower is similar to Prestige's Love, though. And, unfortunately (for anyone who likes them) Milani's Illusion & Taffy are now discontinued.

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